Dear Friends,

This Sunday is our children’s Christmas program.  It will be early in the 11 am service. Those of you who worship at 9 am, might want to stay for the kids and then feel free to leave early.

Garrison Keillor in his “News from Lake Wobegone” spoke of this special moment in the life of a church.

It’s such a magical moment when the lights dim and people sit in the church filled with the smell of hay and of straw and candles burning and pine boughs.  And these smells take them back to when they were children.  And suddenly in this dim light all time disappears — we are the parents and we are the children all at once.  And nothing can change.  Nothing is allowed to change in this pageant or else it would break peoples’ hearts.  It is amazing to see the story of our Lord be reenacted by our own children — amazing and terrifying.”

I’ll see you Sunday, as our children will help us get ready for Christmas.

In Christ,