Dear Friends,

Each year in this week between Christmas and New Years one of my tasks is to transfer dates from my old calendar to my new one.  I’ll bet that’s a task I wouldn’t have to bother with if I used my phone or some other electronic device to keep track of my appointments.  But, strange as it might seem, doing my annual calendar work is one of those little rituals I kind of enjoy.

I use the “Official United Methodist Program Calendar”.  I think there are about 14 of us left who still use it.  One thing I noticed this time that I hadn’t noticed before is a little statement just inside the cover called “Thoughts on Time”.

We open this new calendar and see mostly empty squares before us.  At year’s end, will the activities, events, and practices filling those squares show us to be good stewards of the time God gives us?  This calendar can help you use time wisely.  You will decide what activities will fill the now-blank squares. 

Questions face us:

* Will time set for speaking and listening to God be an unbreakable appointment?

* Will worship and learning as part of the faith community be a priority?

* What will we do to make our money and talents available for ministry?

* What will we do outside the church building that will show we are disciples of Jesus?

* How will we demonstrate the transformational power of the love of Jesus in our lives?

Time is a treasure.  Use it wisely.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.  Treasure and use wisely each of its 365 days.

In Christ,