Dear Friends,

Just a short message this time.  The main message is Happy New Year!  I hope it’s a very good year for you and yours.  I just proofread the “Friendly Caller” that is going in the mail today.  I’m always interested in tracking numbers.  The financial numbers were a bit discouraging.  We are still counting yesterday’s offering and the December 24 offering, but it appears we will end the year with only 27% of our apportionments paid to the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference.  Ouch!  (We paid 52% in 2010 and 60% in 2011.)  We can do better in 2013.  The worship attendance number was more encouraging.  Our goal starting the year was to average 200 in worship each Sunday.  We averaged 197.9.  This compares with 183.2 in 2011.  So we are moving in the right direction.  This has been a morning of number crunching for me, as I spent quite a bit of time with Traci Alonzo, our fine treasurer, looking at budget numbers for the new year.  I like numbers, but I think I’m ready to shift gears and start writing a sermon.  Thank you all for another great year working together.  With God’s blessing, next year will be even better!

In Christ,