Dear Friends,

I have some letters to write this week.  I am participating in “Take a Journey of Love” that was explained in worship yesterday.  (The bulletin insert that was distributed is attached.)  This is a six-week spiritual adventure that we hope will draw you closer to Christ and allow Christ’s love to flow through you in this season of Lent.

Every week there is something different for us to do.  This first week there are daily letters to be written.  Not e-mails, not text messages, not tweets, not whatever else is the latest thing that I haven’t caught up with yet.  (Notice on the bottom of the bulletin insert that the idea for this goes back to 1974.  The computer had been invented back then, but if you had one it was bigger than your refrigerator.)  No, the old-fashioned letter is still a very good way to communicate. When I bring in the mail, that personal letter (stuck in the middle of all those bills) brightens my day.  This week is your turn to brighten the day of seven others.

I think we keep too much inside.  Negative stuff needs out.  It can poison us.  Bad thoughts we hold onto toward others hurt us, not them.  But let’s hope we are holding more positive than negative thoughts inside.  They need out, too!  We think appreciatively toward a certain person but we never quite get around to sharing that appreciative thought with that person.  We could easily have made that person’s day!

I’m not sure how many my “Monday Musings” is sent to.  I know it’s more then 7.  So I won’t be writing each of you a personal letter.  This will have to suffice. But I want you to know that I appreciate you.  I want to remind you how much God loves you and how privileged I am to be your pastor.  May God bless you on your Lenten journey.

In Christ,



PS  See you at the Family Fun Event this Saturday, February 28 beginning with ice cream sundaes at 2 pm!  This is going to be a great day for the entire church.  Thanks so much to those working so hard to make it a success.


Journey of Love