Dear Friends,

My two favorite teams played each other in the Super Bowl yesterday.  Of course, being from the Northwest, how can you not love the Seahawks?  But in my case, I went to seminary in Denver from 1977 to 1981, the years of the “Orange Crush” and their first (disastrous) trip to the Super Bowl.  I have been a loyal Bronco fan ever since.  So my team lost.  But I also felt good about the team that won.  I felt good about our daughter Kelsey getting to go on the air in Spokane last night to anchor a joyous post-Super Bowl edition of the news.  And did you know we have a local church connection to the new champions?  Recent attendee Janet Dunn’s grandson is the equipment manager for the Seahawks and was with them for the big game!

We’ve been talking about winning and losing in the series of sermons we concluded yesterday.  Kenny Beeson gave me something when he heard about the series that he thought I might be able to use. I told him I was sure I would use it, but as it turned out, there was so much to say I was not able to fit it it.  So here it is.  This is something he got from his work in Scouting.

A Winner doesn’t always Win but a Loser always Loses.

A Loser resents those who are better while a Winner respects them and tries to learn from them.

A Loser says, “There’s No Way” while a Winner says “Let’s Find a Way”.

A Loser tries to get around to a problem while a Winner works through a problem.

A Loser is too busy to work while a Winner works hard and has free time.

A Loser says, “That’s the way it’s always been done” while a Winner says, “There should be a better way”.

A Loser says, “I’m Sorry” but doesn’t change while a Winner shows he’s sorry by making up for it.

A Loser makes promises while a Winner makes commitments.

A Loser may be afraid of winning but a Winner is never afraid of losing.

Sometimes you may lose, but you are not a loser.  Who says?  God.  (I Peter 2:9-10)

In Christ,