Monday Musings for March 26, 2018

Dear Friends,

Sometimes I am asked on a birthday if I feel any different.  I never do.  Someone asked me yesterday if I feel any different now that I am a grandfather.  Yes, I definitely do.

It’s hard to put into words.  I was not prepared for how I felt when I saw tiny Harper for the first time.  Then held her.  So small.  So precious.  So loved, even though I barely had met her.  It was a powerful moment.  I honestly don’t think I will ever be quite the same.

Some of you veteran grandparents had warned me!  You were right.

We all started that way.  We all had a first day of our lives.  If we were lucky, as Harper is, we had two parents who were there for us, to put us first, to sacrifice for us, to do all in their power to make sure we were safe and given every opportunity to grow to our fullest potential.

One of my many thoughts as I held my granddaughter is that I won’t be around to see all that she will become.  I’ll be 80 at her high school graduation.  You have to be 35 to be elected President of the United States, so on her inauguration day I will be a very old man indeed.  But I do want to be part of her life during those few years that her life and mine intersect.

A birth is a time for idealism.  One of Harper’s first gifts was one of those cloth books that she will chew, not read.  Here is what the book says:

I love you all the way around the earth.  Dear child, you are deeply loved and celebrated.  May you play, dance, and sing with joyful abandon.  May you always dream big and reach for possibility with courage along the way.  May you always know how your life shines brightly . . . and how your heart is never alone.

The day Harper was born (March 21, Ebby Titmus’s birthday), 349,999 other babies were also born around this earth.  Each one every bit as precious as Harper.  Most of them with nowhere near the advantages with which she begins her life.

God loves them all just the same.  Jesus was speaking of every one of them when he said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them.  For to such belongs the Kingdom of God.”

In Christ,