Dear Friends,

Have you ever changed your mind?  Can any of you relate to the old Scottish-Irish prayer:  “Lord, grant that I may always be right, for Thou knowest I am hard to turn”?

We are going to be hosting a “Table Talk” gathering on April 28, led by our retiring district superintendent, Gwen Drake and our new district superintendent, Karen Hernandez (she starts her new job July 1).  This will be an opportunity to listen, learn, and share your thoughts on the future of the United Methodist Church.  Maybe an opportunity for you to change your mind?  Who knows?  The truth is we have a lot of people whose minds are made up and who will not budge an inch on the subject of homosexuality.

I have changed my mind.  I used to be on one side of this debate, absolutely certain that I was right and everyone else was wrong.  Now I find myself uncomfortably somewhere in the middle.  I have not swung all the way to the other side.  What I am certain of now is that good, honorable followers of Jesus can hold different opinions on this subject.  And that when in doubt, I am going to err on the side of grace.

Tony Campolo has changed his mind on the subject of homosexuality.  He has gotten a lot of heat over this.  The irony is, I agreed with him before and I agree with him now.  I guess that means we’ve changed our minds together.  He says, “I refuse to have a conversation on this subject with anyone who will not admit that they might be wrong.”

So, I wonder, would he be able to have a conversation with you?

I hope you will read the attached sermon given recently by the President of our Council of Bishops, Bruce Ough.  Don’t worry, he’s not trying to change your mind!  He is giving us all a timely, inspired message that might help open our minds, maybe even just a little.  And that might be all it takes.

In Christ,