Dear Friends,

Did you get to tour the GPS building yesterday? We held an open house between services for the latest addition to our church plant — a double-wide modular unit that provides two large classrooms. The building looks nice on the outside and even nicer on the inside. We own it, thanks to Kid’s Stuff funds. The reason for it is simply that we had run out of classroom space. Our youth had no space of their own (now they have a space that would be the envy of any youth group), and adult classes have had to meet in less than ideal settings. Now we have room to grow. But for how long?

One of the four ministry teams recommended by our Vision Team is exploring future needs for building expansion. Don’t worry, nothing is on the immediate horizon! However, we recognize that the GPS building is a short-term, stop-gap measure and that if we do grow as we anticipate, the time to be thinking ahead is now. This building team has met twice. Our hope is to develop a master plan for our property. Thanks to the foresight of others, we do have room to grow. When that time comes, we need to know where to build first and how it will eventually all fit together. We also need to know where we do not plan to build so we can devote resources to nice, green, usable sports fields.

One of our many blessings here at Nampa First UMC is that we have no debt. Because of the generosity of others (and the generosity of many of you who are reading this), we get to enjoy some very nice facilities. We do have a building fund. It amounts to $17,600. My hope is that as our building team develops a plan for the future, it will inspire our people to add to that total. We don’t generally give when we have no idea how our money will be used or even whether our money is needed. We may not have much to give out of current income, but I know many of us have accumulated assets. Many of us are making decisions about how what we have worked our whole lives to build up will be used after we are gone.

I know this probably sounds like the introduction to a Capital Funds Campaign. It isn’t. Nothing is on the horizon. I just thought it might be good to remind you that even in a debt-free building, God still has challenges for us. Churches that sit still, never sit still. They slip back. Let’s keep our eyes on the future and open our hearts to all that God has yet for us to accomplish!

In Christ, John Watts