Dear Friends,

I shared yesterday a very strange story told by a pastor who had a young man stop by his church claiming to be Jesus Christ.  I made the comment that preachers quickly compile quite a collection of strange stories.  Here is one of mine:

This goes back to my years in Burley (1985-1992).  I was conducting a graveside service on a summer afternoon.  The immediate family was seated in chairs and there were a few standing right behind them.  The funeral directors were off to one side.  Everyone was facing me.  I was the only one who could see in the distance a curious movement across the lawn. Quickly I realized what it was.  A snake.  And this snake was slithering at a pretty good rate of speed right toward this assembly of mourners! I was the only one who could see that we were moments away from having this solemn occasion disrupted in a most unfortunate way.  I was speaking while I was thinking. I’ve never been too good at doing those two things at the same time.  This time it was more luck than figuring out what to do.  I was reaching the end of my prepared remarks just as the snake was reaching those standing in the back.  I said, “Let us pray.”  They were the perfect words to say at that particular moment because it caused everyone to close their eyes.  I was the only one peeking while I was praying.  I watched as that snake passed right between the feet of the seated wife of the deceased.  I made sure the snake was safely out of sight before I said “Amen”.

It may have been more memorable if we hadn’t been praying, but I’m thankful I was spared the memory of what might have been!

Have a great day everyone.

In Christ,