Dear Friends,

It was good to see so many of you yesterday at our single worship service and the architect meeting and meal that followed!  We had a few show up at 9 and at 11, which happens each time we change our morning schedule.  Starting this Sunday, July 21, we are back to our 9, 11, and 5:30 Sunday schedule.  It’s always good to all be together, but I promise we will do this only rarely and for special occasions.

Tim Swanson led a song yesterday that has been playing in my head ever since.  It’s the Keith Green song, “O Lord, You’re Beautiful”.  It’s a great song to start this new day:  “O Lord, you’re beautiful, your face is all I seek; and when your eyes are on this child, your grace abounds to me.  O Lord, you’re wonderful, your touch is all I need; and when your hand is on this child, your healing I receive.”

There’s a feature length movie being made about the life of Keith Green.  It’s quite a life story, though he didn’t live a long life. He and two of his children died in a plane crash on July 28, 1982.  He was 28.  He was born with a Jewish heritage and was raised Christian Scientist.  His musical talent became evident early.  At age 11 he appeared on “I’ve Got a Secret”. (Those of us who remember that show had may as well face it. We are no longer young.)  Keith’s “secret” was that he had just signed a 5-year recording contract as a rock-n-roll singer.

Keith Green had been tabbed by music promoters as the next teen heartthrob.  It didn’t work out that way.  It was Donny Osmond who the young girls fell in love with.  Keith went through a difficult time of transition to adulthood.  During this time he left behind Judaism and Christian Science and became a Christian.

He was a Christian recording artist who had the habit that I’m sure was maddening to those who managed his finances.  He would give his music away.  It was good music. Through his music his love for Jesus was unmistakable.  His music to this day helps me re-kindle my “first love” (Revelation 2:4).  I encourage you to do a little Youtube research and see if you can listen to his music without loving Jesus more.  I’ve helped you out with a link below.  He tells the story of how he came to write “O Lord, You’re Beautiful”, and then he sings it.  Don’t listen if you don’t want that song playing in your head all week long!

In Christ,