Dear Friends,

Last night at Simply Worship I was sharing cookies and punch with two good friends, a special needs adult named Laura and her caregiver, Dawn. Dawn was telling me about a conference on Down’s Syndrome.  Laura’s eyes lit up and she said, “That’s what I have!”

I remembered a story in The Clowns of God by Morris West.  He said that when Christ returns at the end of time, he will be carrying a child with him.  He will sit down and place that child on his lap.  It will be a child with Down’s Syndrome.  He will say to us, “I give you this child a gift of eternal innocence.  This child is here for you.  This child is necessary for you, for she will evoke in you the kindness that will keep you human.”

Thank you Laura.  And Amber and Ila and Casie and Fallaine and Wendy and Julia and Cheri and John and Belia and Josh and David and Tonya and Magnus and Bambi and Robin.  You may think you need the adults who take care of you during the week and who worship with you on Sunday night, but the truth is, we need you.

In Christ,