Dear Friends,

Wife: What are you doing today?
Husband: Nothing.
Wife: You did that yesterday.
Husband: I wasn’t finished.

I hope you’ve had opportunities to do plenty of nothing this summer. It’s not a bad thing to sleep in, take your time getting ready for the day, and then take it easy through that day. Many of us are too driven. Five minutes in an easy chair and we’re already feeling guilty about what we should be doing.

God made us so that we function best with plenty of rest and recreation. However, God did not make us to do nothing at all. I remember how exciting it was to have a school year end and to know that I now had three straight months of vacation! I also remember that after about one week of freedom to do nothing, I was bored and eager to find something to do to fill my days with meaning. Those of us with day jobs don’t have to worry about keeping busy, but I realize many of you are retired or for other reasons have an abundance of leisure time. You’ve probably figured this one out long ago, but I’ll say it anyway. The time God gave us on this earth is not to be frittered away doing nothing. Don’t let rest and recreation degenerate into habitual laziness. You won’t like, those who love you won’t like it, and God’s purpose for your life will be left unrealized.

In Christ,