Please note that this is being posted a week late because the office manager was on vacation.

Monday Musings for June 22, 2015
Dear Friends,
I told Helen last night that this had been my most painful Father’s Day ever.  But it may also have been my best.
If you were in church yesterday you heard the story of my broken ribs.  It only hurts when I breathe.  But it could have been so much worse.  Father’s Day for me was a day of thanking God for the simple blessings of life.  These blessings are even sweeter when you’ve almost lost them.  I was so grateful that getting to church and leading worship (all three times) was possible.  It helped to be with all of you.  It helped to focus on God’s goodness and greatness.  And extra good attendance always boosts my spirits!
Helen asked if I wanted to eat out or have her cook for me.  When given that choice, I always opt for her cooking.  (Doubt if she would choose to have me cook for her on Mother’s Day!)  It was a wonderful meal.  I had long telephone conversations with both daughters and my mother.  My card from Helen couldn’t have been more perfect, though the person the card described didn’t sound much like me.
I called my good friend David Barrett to tell him about my mishap.  We meet Sunday nights at 8:30 pm at Lake Lowell for a 5-mile run.  We never miss.  I had to tell him I wouldn’t be able to make it this time.  I was going to attempt an extremely slow mile with Helen at the usual 8:30 time.  David said he would be there. The company was so delightful, I barely noticed the pain as we shuffled our feet around the West Middle School track four times.  Helen says she really likes my new pace.
We got home and enjoyed the pie we were too full for earlier.  I went to bed in the recliner that amazingly enough is actually comfortable (lying in bed is torture.)
As I drifted off to sleep, I felt full.  Full of pie and full of blessings.
In Christ,