Dear Friend,

Last Monday I was in Madras.  This Monday I am in Spokane.  But Monday Musings must go on!

Kelsey, our oldest, is moving to Portland.  Helen was in Spokane last week helping her pack.  Now it’s my turn to help her load the truck.  And, of course, it’s a third floor apartment with no elevator!

It’s a privilege though to be there for our children when they need our help.  I certainly got a lot of help from my parents in moves past.  (And many other times, as well!)

This may be her last move for awhile.  She is getting married in August to a man who lives in Portland and who owns his own business there.  And she just got hired at FOX-12 in Portland.  (I will enjoy teasing my more liberal friends by saying my daughter is a reporter for Fox News.)  We used to live in Portland. Kelsey was there from second grade through high school, so it’s always felt like home to her.  And our other daughter, Heather, already lives in Portland.  She grew up there, too (age one through sixth grade).  It will be nice to have our daughters in the same town again.

Then there is Collin.  One more year until he graduates from high school.  (That is correct isn’t it?  “Graduates high school” was introduced to the English language about 35 years after I graduated from high school!)  He, by the way, is a budding entrepreneur.  You may see the food trailer he built parked by Nampa HIgh this summer.  “Chill and Churros.”  Where he ends up after high school, no one knows.

We never do.  But children are a blessing.  And it’s a blessing when they still let us be their parents even after they have grown.

In Christ,


kelsey watts