Dear Friends,

I have a lot to do today and when I get done I am looking forward to game 7 of the Miami Heat / Indiana Pacer series.  I won’t go into analyzing the match-ups, making my prediction, and explaining why I care so much.  That would be off point.  My point is that life works best when we have things to look forward to.

I had a good visit with my mom last night. It’s a lonely time for her without my dad. She has a busy schedule though and she reviewed with me what she has going each day of this week.  And she shared with me something her mother had shared with her when she was left alone after the death of her husband.  She said that as long as she had something to look forward to she got along pretty well.

I think God made us that way.  As much as we are meant to live in the moment, we also need the anticipation of what is going to happen in the future.  So, you might ask, what if there is nothing to look forward to?  What if the future does not seem to hold a single thing that is good or desirable?  God made us in such a way that we can deal with this, too.  Our minds are capable of creating those little carrots to keep us going. Our attitude can turn despair into hope.

Here’s a simple suggestion:  Think of one thing you really enjoy.  When are you going to get to enjoy it next?  Get it on your calendar.  Make sure it’s not too far in the distant future.  Look forward to it.  And then make sure there is something else coming along after that.  And something else after that.

So enjoy your day.  But may you also, by the grace of God, enjoy today the anticipation of tomorrow!

In Christ,