Dear Friends,

Last Monday was a holiday.  This Monday I created my own holiday!  I’ve been wanting to explore Leslie Gulch, a remote area in Oregon, north of Jordan Valley. That’s what I was doing all day yesterday.  It’s an incredible place.  So, for the second week in a row this goes out on Tuesday.
Sunday night I shared at Simply Worship the story of Paul’s conversion.  As we were singing, I was sitting with everyone else.  The weather was putting on a show as beautiful white clouds were drifting across our huge sanctuary windows.  As we know now, those clouds were the harbinger of a big change in the weather.  “If you don’t like the weather, just wait.  It will change.”  How about if we don’t like the way our lives are going?  We don’t like something in our community or our world?  Just wait, and it will change?  Not quite.  Change takes pushing and pushing hard against the inertia of the status quo.  If we do nothing, things will likely get worse, not better.  And yet that old story of Paul adds an important perspective.  Paul didn’t decide it was time for his life to change.  God did.  God got his attention with a bright light and a voice no one else could hear.  The Paul did his part.  He didn’t fight God.  He surrendered to God’s plan for his life.  He repented of his past as the #1 persecutor of Christians and welcomed his new life as # 1 Christian.  What a life he lived after that encounter on the Damascus Road!
So if there’s something that’s not the way it should be, either in you or in your world, you’re not the only one who wants it to change!  The God who changes the weather can change a lot more than just the weather.  But when people are involved, God need a little cooperation.  Will you be part of the change God wants to bring about today?
In Christ, Pastor John Watts