Dear Friends,

I remembered to wear green today.  The grade school memories of being pinched (or pinching) are still quite fresh.  Today is a Christian holiday that seems to have little or no connection with the Christian faith.  But I remind you that there really was a St. Patrick and that one thing we know about him is that he was an evangelist.  He shared his faith with people on Ireland who knew little or nothing about Jesus.

It always surprises me when followers of Jesus are scared of the word “evangelism”.  Without evangelism, you and I would not be Christians today. Faith that is not passed on is faith that dies.  Someone shared faith with you and with me.  Those who shared faith with us had a faith to share because others shared faith with them.  We could trace our faith genealogies if we chose to. Eventually we would go all the way back to Jesus.

Fear of evangelism is often little more than fear of inadequacy. We don’t know how to do it.  We feel awkward talking about something so personal.  We are afraid of rejection.

But did you know effective evangelism can be as simple as inviting someone to your “40 Days of Community” small group?  Or inviting someone to worship?  Or just letting it be known that you go to church and that it is an important part of your life?

I’m guessing we each know at least 5 people who don’t attend any church.  What would happen if we each encouraged just one of them to try ours?

I think St. Patrick would be more honored by that than by our remembering to wear green today.

In Christ,