Dear Friends,

It’s one of the stranger parables Jesus told.  It’s found at the beginning of Mark chapter 12.  It’s about a vineyard owner who leaves his vineyard into another’s care.  When the owner sends servants to collect his share of the profits, they are given nothing and are treated with horrible disrespect. Finally, the owner sends his son, his only son, into this vineyard that will one day be his by inheritance.  Surely the son will be respected.  The son is killed.

You probably recognize the characters in this parable.  The vineyard owner is God.  The servants are the prophets.  The son is Jesus.  Those who kill the son are those who killed Jesus.

The late Joe Harding, a good friend of mine, preached a sermon on this parable that was memorable enough I actually remember his three points!  He said this parable poses for us (1) life’s toughest question:  Who owns the vineyard?, (2)  life’s hardest realization: The Lord of the Vineyard wants to share all He has with us, and (3) life’s ultimate decision:  What to do about Jesus?

As we approach Holy Week and the cross, we see this parable acted out in real life.  And we come face to face with this ultimate decision.  What will we do about Jesus?  Of course, we weren’t the ones who killed him.  We would never have done that.  But do we welcome him into our hearts and make him Lord over our lives?  When it comes to Jesus, there really is no middle ground.  What will you do about Jesus?

In Him,