Dear Friends,

Jesus wasn’t the only one who walked on water.  Peter did, too.  Remember the story?  You can find it in Matthew 14:22-33.  Jesus is walking on the water approaching the disciples in their boat.  They aren’t sure if they are seeing Jesus or a ghost.  Peter says, “If it’s really you, Jesus, tell me to come to you on the water”.  Jesus says, “Come”.  And Peter comes.  He’s walking on water!  But not for long.  We’re told he gets scared and he begins to sink.  Jesus rescues him and then asks him a question:  “Why did you doubt?”  Did Peter doubt Jesus?  Or did Peter doubt himself?  He certainly didn’t doubt Jesus when he jumped out of the boat!  That was quite an impressive demonstration of faith.  But it was after Peter proved his faith in Jesus that he got into trouble.  Why?  Because even though he had faith in Jesus, he didn’t have faith in himself.

Have you ever jumped out of a boat (I’m speaking figuratively, not literally!), trusting God to empower you to do something bold, maybe even something  impossible?  And then once the moment of inspiration had passed and you found yourself in the middle of a difficult situation, you got scared.  You asked, “What do I think I’m doing??”  You doubted your ability to do what God had called you to do.  And that’s when you started sinking.  Not because you doubted God.  It was because you doubted yourself.

An article of faith that I hold to tightly is this:  When God calls us to do something, God will give us the ability to do it.

Have you jumped out of a boat in faith, only to climb back in in fear?  Maybe it’s time to get out of that boat again.

In Christ, Pastor John Watts