Dear Friends,


I just wrote my article for our monthly “Friendly Caller”.  That is our print communication vehicle.  Many churches have done away with that.  My mom’s church, for example.  But not everyone uses e-mail.  My mom doesn’t.  And we had quite a time convincing her pastor to print a copy and mail it to her.  So we still mail the “Friendly Caller”.


I used in my article the often repeated remark that if the 1950’s should ever come back, the United Methodist Church is ready. That’s a bit harsh and in many instances not even true.  It’s not true here at Nampa First United Methodist Church, although staying on the cutting edge of what it takes to reach new people is always a challenge.


It’s a bit of a paradox.  People come to church looking for God who is that “solid rock” that doesn’t change in all the changes and upheavals of our lives.  And yet churches die that don’t change with the times and present the good news of our God who does not change in new and effective ways.


It’s a balancing act.  That’s one reason we communicate with e-mail and with “The Friendly Caller.”  That’s one reason we have a traditional and a contemporary worship service.  And that’s one reason we must always remind ourselves that the root of “contemporary” is “temporary”!


I’m attaching a video that does a good job of showing how churches that won’t change get left behind.


In Christ,