Dear Friends,

Yesterday was a significant day for our church.  We were able to use our new “GPS Building” for the first time.  Our adult Sunday school class met in one room and our youth group in the other.  It’s really a very nice space and opens the door to all kinds of future ministry.  Then after worship, our new church website was unveiled.  Our Communications Ministry Team met with Mark Hewes, who developed the site for us.  It is truly amazing and a huge improvement over what we had.  It’s not quite ready for you to visit yet, but will be very soon.  We will let you know.

I mention these two developments because they are both reasons to celebrate, and also because they have something else in common.  Both took awhile to get from concept to reality.  Both turned out to be bigger projects than we had anticipated.  Both involved some surprising and disappointing twists and turns that made some of us wonder if we were ever going to get there.  But both had people behind them who were not easily discouraged.  I am so grateful to Lisa Wink, Carolyn Curtis, Kathy Huff, Brandy Yearous, Heather Carter, Lisa Lujan, and Doreen Webb for their hard work and persistence.  They remind me the motto of the US Army Corps of Engineers:  “The difficult we do immediately.  The impossible takes a little longer.”

In Christ, Pastor John Watts