Dear Friends,

The fourth annual Northwest Leadership Institute is being held March 13 and 14 at the Cathedral of the Rockies (Boise First United Methodist Church).  I have attended every year.  The first one was incredibly good.  Each one since has been better than the one before.  That trend could well continue.  I hear rave reviews about the speakers this year.  One of them is Rudy Rasmus.  I have attached a video below to introduce you to him and his amazing story.  Our fantastic bishop, Grant Hagiya, is also among the speakers.  The event starts at 8:30 am Thursday and continues until 3:30 pm Friday.  I realize many of you are not free on weekdays, but I would love to have some from our church attending besides me.  Registration is $79, however the price goes down to $65 if two or more register from the same church.  So it would be $65 for you.  And registration is free for anyone under 30 (because it’s the younger generation that will be leading the Church in the very near future!)  If you want to come and can’t afford the registration, give me a call.  We will find a way to get you there.  The link to register is below.  That link also will provide you with many more details about the event.

Lent begins Wednesday.  “40 Days of Community” small groups begin at various times starting Sunday.  There is still more room in the groups.  Also Sunday I will begin a sermon series called “Under Construction”.  We are all works in progress.  God isn’t finished with us yet.  Hope you have an awesome week!


In Christ,