Dear Friends,

I just finished reading Micah 5:1-9, the reading for today on the “Fifty Great Days — Easter to Pentecost” Bible reading guide we distributed on Easter Sunday. Today is day 30.  Just curious, is anyone else keeping up?  It’s not too late to start.  We’ll be happy to send you the guide.  There are still “Twenty Great Days” with twenty great Bible passages.  Wednesday we transition into the New Testament.  Pentecost, by the way, is May 27.  In case I forget to remind you again, that’s the day to wear red!
A few weeks ago we talked about three key questions:  Why do people need Jesus?  Why do people need the church?  Why do people need this church? I’d like to add today a short reflection on the first of these questions.  I’m not sure anyone can really know that Jesus is all they need until Jesus is all they’ve got.  Some of you reading this might be there right now.  I imagine all of us have been at one time or another.  You’re in a crisis.  Your usual resources for coping in a crisis aren’t working.  The people you normally would lean on may even be part of the crisis.  You feel alone and really aren’t sure how you are going to get through.  The only prayer you might be able to formulate is, “Help me, Jesus!”  And he does.  He’s all you have at this lonely and desperate moment.  It turns out, he is all you need.
The trick I suppose is remembering this when you have emerged from your crisis and life is good again.  Jesus is still all you need even when Jesus is not all you’ve got!
In Him.
Pastor John Watts