Dear Friends,

What a great day we had yesterday!  If you weren’t there, you were in the minority!  The funny thing about churches is that if everybody ever showed up on the same Sunday, we wouldn’t have room for them all.  We had room for all of you yesterday, but just barely.  We learned some things: (1) We have room for 175 at a sit-down meal without taking down the children’s church walls or invading the narthex (very much), (2) Two or more serving lines would have been a great idea with that many people, (3) The meal was well worth waiting for!

Steve Tollefson reminisced about growing up in this church and shared a touching story about the day God became real to him.  He challenged us to always be growing and progressing in all areas of our lives, including our giving.  He led us in our closing moments of consecration.  We had a great response with estimate of giving cards for 2013.

The plan now is to send cards in the mail to those who weren’t here yesterday.  If you were here, even if you didn’t turn in a card, there will be no follow-up with you.  Those who get cards in the mail and don’t respond will likewise get no follow-up.  Our objective is not a “badger” those who, for whatever reason, choose not to estimate their giving.  We realize that many give regularly and generously who don’t turn in a card.  Thanks to all who give to God through this church, at whatever level.

The great thing about yesterday really had very little to do with money.  It was a day to celebrate God’s love and to celebrate this church that God has entrusted to us.  We have a great God and we have a great church.  A celebration like yesterday where so many of you shared in a worship service and a meal just confirms that.  I am proud to be your pastor.

In Christ,