Dear Friends,

I wish to thank all those who made Laity Sunday such a success.  Especially I want to thank Karla Martell.  She shared from her heart in a beautiful, inspiring way that touched each one of us.  I love coming to worship every Sunday, but it’s been a long time since I’ve felt God’s presence so powerfully in a worship setting.  If I were a guest looking for a church yesterday, I would definitely be back next Sunday!  (Though I would be disappointed that I wouldn’t get to hear Karla again!)

We are starting something new Wednesday of this week.  “Wednesday Night Live” begins October 17 with a meal, followed by a number of options with something for every age and every interest.  My church in Portland did something  similar.  We too had a traditional and a contemporary service with the concern that people didn’t know those who went to the other service.  We also had a number of new people who many hadn’t met yet.  The Wednesday meal was a huge step in helping us get to know one another and form relationships.  There is something about sharing a meal that breaks the ice and opens the door to conversation.  So please make every effort to be here for the meal.  It starts at 6 pm.  Look for a table with people you don’t know. (I know that’s not our natural instinct but it’s a key learned instinct in growing churches.)  It’s hard to meet people on Sunday at worship.  “Wednesday Night Live” will be a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know one another better.  And also, with the small groups, classes, rehearsals and other activities to follow, it will also be a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know Christ better.  “Know Christ, Love God, Serve Others”.  See you Wednesday!

In Christ,