Dear Friends,

Our Kids Stuff preschool is back in session.  We can be very proud of this part of our church’s ministry.  During the school year, twice each week I offer a brief “chapel service” for the children.  We sing, we pray, I share a Bible story, occasionally we’ll look at a video, and inevitably the children will raise their hands because they have something to say that may or may not be on topic (probably not).

Each fall I start the same way.  We talk about the Creation.  Sometimes we grown-ups get hung up on whether it was really seven days and how we can reconcile what Genesis says with what we know from science.  Those are not concerns for the preschoolers.  We talk about things they are able to make (like building block towers), we talk about things they can’t make but grown-ups can (like church buildings), and we talk about things only God can make (like this world, this universe, and every one of us).  I always have them close their eyes and imagine a time when it all looked like that.  There was nothing to see because there was nothing.

However we might understand God, God is the source of all there is.  It didn’t all just happen.  The only natural response is captured by a word those children don’t yet understand.  Awe. But we were all feeling some “awe” as we worshiped together.  Our God is an awesome God!

In Christ,