Dear Friends,

“How are things going?”

“Well, actually it wouldn’t hurt if things were better?”

“How do you know it wouldn’t hurt?”

One of our problems I think is that we are averse to pain.  It hurts to grow.  And it’s scary to leave the security of a known that is not good to seek an unknown that is not guaranteed to be better.  So often we sit still and do nothing but complain.

Here’s a definition of faith that I have found helpful.  Faith is falling into God. That is to say, faith is like those baby birds who leave (or get pushed out of) the nest.  They fall.  It must seem to be a fall to a hard landing that will mean either death or serious injury.  But these little creatures are “falling into God” who catches them as they open their wings and discover for the first time that they can fly.  Note though that God doesn’t lift then out of the nest.  They must first fall, with no guarantee that this will end well.

Sam Keen has a book out called Learning to Fly.  Here’s my favorite line:  “We learn to fly not by becoming fearless, but by the daily practice of courage.”

In Christ,