Dear Friends,

Eric Conklin is a friend of mine who serves our Woodlawn United Methodist Church in Portland and also works for Camp and Retreat Ministries of the Oregon-Idaho Conference.  He sent out an insightful reflection recently that I would like to share with you today.

School is just beginning and some of us still remember the excitement of opening up our first BIG package of crayons, seeing them all lined up . . . uniformly pointed . . . the new crayon smell.  I was excited about all of them and all their variety.  Except for the white crayon. I couldn’t fathom how this crayon could be of any use to anyone.  It seemed to me that the crayon makers had exhausted all the other color possibilities and needed a color to fill in the blank 64th spot.  WHEN YOU DRAW WITH IT, YOU JUST CAN’T SEE IT!  I was unimpressed . . . until we started using different colored paper.  The change of context had made a previously useless crayon useful.  My mind was blown: the white crayon has a purpose after all!  Changing our context — seeing our familiar surroundings from a different point of view — opens our eyes to a new world of possibilities!

Has God given you any white crayons?  Any “gifts” you possess that you don’t see as gifts because you can think of no useful purpose for that particular talent or interest or resource?  May God open your eyes today to a new world of possibilities.  Just as the crayon makers didn’t make a mistake in making the white crayon, God didn’t make a mistake in making you just the way you are!

In Christ,