Dear Friends,

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.

Just something short this time.  I used to give children’s sermons.  You know what children’s sermons are?  The pastor invites all the children to come up to the front and talks with them.  The idea is that you give them the sermon you have prepared for the adults but in simple language and probably with a story that the kids will understand.  (And you typically get the comment from some adult:  “Pastor, I like your children’s sermons better than your real sermons.”)  Of course, children are unpredictable, so one of the best (or worst) parts of the children’s sermon is the spontaneity of children being children. Well, I don’t give children’s sermons anymore.  They weren’t being given when I got here, and I wasn’t about to suggest we start.  Why? There are several reasons, but perhaps the best summary of all the reasons I don’t give children’s sermons anymore comes in a story Jerry Cornilles just sent me.  The pastor was giving his Easter Sunday children’s sermon.  He was talking to all the children who came forward on that special day about the resurrection.  He asked if anyone knew what a resurrection is.  One little boy put up his hand and said,  “I’m not sure, but if it lasts more than four hours you gotta call a doctor.”

Enjoy your week.

In Christ,