Dear Friends,

I miss seeing Phyllis Case in worship.  She and Charles didn’t miss a Sunday for years, but now Charles has passed on and Phyllis has a hard time getting out. But she does read my sermon each week.  And she does go to the service provided at Sunny Ridge.  And I do get to see her at least once a month as I have lunch with the Sunny Ridge United Methodists and share a communion service with them.

Last Tuesday, after communion, Phyllis shared with the group something from the Sunny Ridge pastor’s sermon.  I’d like to share it with you right now:

“When we pray, we often tell our God about our troubles.  But why don’t we tell our troubles about our God?”

Isn’t that good!  Troubles can almost become our God.  They can be all we think about, day and night.  They can take the joy right out of living.  They can turn us into bitter, self-absorbed individuals.  Or, we can make sure God is our God!  God is bigger than our problems.  God cares about our problems.  God can deliver us from many of our problems.  And if not, God can give us the strength to endure and to continue doing a work of grace in us.  “Though my outward nature may be passing away, my inward nature is being renewed every day” (II Corinthians 4:16).

We may have troubles, but do our troubles have us?  Or, is God Lord of our lives, and Lord even over our troubles?

In Christ,