Dear Friends,

Is it just me, or does it seem we are starting a little early this year on our mad rush to Christmas?  It isn’t even Advent yet.  Already the non-stop Christmas music is playing and we are hearing the countdown of shopping days left.  This year Thanksgiving was as early as it is possible for Thanksgiving to be.  Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday and when the first Thursday is November 1, it can be as early as November 22.  That’s what happened this year, and that makes for those extra shopping days.  I’m sure the retailers would love an early Thanksgiving every year!

I hesitate to share with you an Advent thought when Advent isn’t even here yet, but since I think many of our heads are already there, here it is:

In a world where so much focus at Christmas is placed on gift giving, card sending, and party attending, the season of Advent itself is a precious gift.  Its purpose is to help us remember the story of a peasant girl who gave birth in a stable to a child whose life, death, and resurrection would change the world.  Adam Hamilton

See you Sunday, when Advent will officially begin!

In Christ,