You’ll be hearing a new voice when you call the church! Carol Ogren begins officially as our new Office Manager on June 1st. Carol comes to us with over 20 years experience in office settings, including 10 years as church secretary at Sierrra Bible Church in Murphys, California, where her husband Russ, was pastor. They are now actively involved with Pathway Covenant Church in Meridian. Carol and Russ have two grown daughters and three small grandchildren, all of whom live nearby.

Of course, the position Carol is filling is the one that became open with Lisa Wink’s upcoming move to Wisconsin. Lisa will be around church for awhile longer. She is one of the Vacation Bible School leaders once again and has even committed to come back for the October Women’s Retreat. But her plans are to be in Wisconisn for Bo’s job transfer in time for Austin and Garrett to start school.

To say we will miss Lisa would be a huge understatement. She is an incredibly talented individual with great love for our church, great energy to serve our church, and a wonderful, fun, friendly way about her. Lisa has been our Church Administrator for four years. She was the constant through the transition that occurred about two years ago from one pastor to another. It was a huge help for me coming into a new church to have someone like Lisa to answer questions, smooth the waters, and help me get my feet on the ground.

Of course with Lisa, office work has been just a fraction of what she has done for our church. This has been her church and she has always gone above and beyond in serving here. Vacation Bible School, the Women’s Retreat, women’s socials, Rock the Block, the GPS building purchase (and just a few issues that needed to be dealt with before we could occupy it), Children’s Church, the Classics luncheon, adult education, the youth group, mugs for visitors…I could go on and on. The dynamic duo of Lisa Wink and Kahty Huff has indeed been a powerful force moving this church forward. Bottle up the energy and enthusiasm of these two women, and who needs hydroeclectric dams?

One place where Lisa has been a huge help to our church has been in the area of finace. She is a certified public accountant and has really effectively been acting as our Chief Financial Officer. Carol does not have a financial background and we are expanding Traci Alonzo’s duties as our church treasurer to help fill the void. Thank you Traci for your willingness to learn “QuickBooks” and a few other new skills. And thank you to Robert Healea, Finance chair, and his committee for stepping up as well.

We’ll all get through this transition! What I always remind myself in a time like this, when it’s impossible to see around the corner and know for sure what God has in store, is that God is in charge. We don’t have to know all the details in advance about how everything will work out. We just have to do our best each day and trust God for the rest.

That’s true for Carol, too, as she learns a new job which surely must seem a bit overwhelming right now. And that’s true for Lisa. As I think of Lisa, I think of the way things were feeling in my life just two yars ago, on the verge of a big move to a new church in a new city with endless unanswered questions. It’s good for us sometimes to find ourselves in the midst of something just overwhelming enough that we have no choice but to trust God.

I suspect several of you are at transition points in your lives for various reasons. God is faithful. That’s all you really need to remember. How boring if our lives never changed! God’s plan for you and for me and for our church is not at all boring.

Pastor John Watts