Monday Musing – 9-21-2020

Monday Musing for September 21, 2020   Dear Friends, Numbers is not the most exciting book in the Bible.  Countless people who

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Monday Musing – 9-14-2020

Monday Musings for 9.14.20   Dear Friends, I flew my flag on September 11.  Flags were out in force in my neighborhood. 

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Monday Musing – 9-8-2020

Monday Musings on a Tuesday – 9.8.20   Dear Friends, We have two holidays this week.  Labor Day was yesterday.  It's been

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Monday Musing – 8-31-2020

Monday Musings for 8.31.20   Dear Friends, I've been going through old pictures.  That's what we do when a loved one dies. 

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Monday Musing – 8-24-2020

Monday Musings for 8.24.20   Dear Friends, If you have been to my office, perhaps you have noticed my Oberammergau cross.  It is

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Monday Musing – 8-10-2020

Monday Musings for 8.10.20   Dear Friends, Yesterday should have been the marathon and closing ceremonies for the 2020 Summer Olympics in

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Monday Musing – 8-3-2020

Monday Musings for 8/3/20   Dear Friends, O God, thy sea is so great and my boat is so small. A plaque with

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Monday Musing – 7-27-2020

Monday Musings for 7.27.20   Dear Friends, Sometimes people die without family and without money.  Such was the case in a small

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Monday Musing – 7-20-2020

Monday Musings for 7.20.20   Dear Friends, Yesterday I told the story of a blind man who could see. He would describe

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