Monday Musing – 6-21-2021

Monday Musings for 6.21.21   Dear Friends, All good things must come to an end.  Even Monday Musings.  This is my last

Monday Musing – 6-21-20212021-06-28T11:32:35-06:00

Monday Musing – 6-14-2021

Monday Musings for 6.14.21   Dear Friends, I am rapidly approaching my last day as pastor at Nampa First United Methodist Church. 

Monday Musing – 6-14-20212021-06-14T09:44:34-06:00

Monday Musing – 6-7-2021

Monday Musings for 6.7.21   Dear Friends, Happy Birthday to Dwayne Evanson, Richard Pimentel, and Kayleigh Pimentel! And Happy Birthday to Barbara

Monday Musing – 6-7-20212021-06-10T14:45:43-06:00

Monday Musing – 5-29-2021

Monday Musings on a Saturday 5.29.21 Dear Friends, When Monday falls on a holiday, I send this out the following Tuesday.  I

Monday Musing – 5-29-20212021-06-01T11:31:44-06:00

Monday Musing – 5-24-2021

Monday Musings for 5.24.21   Dear Friends, On this Monday after Pentecost, this is from Brian McLaren: The wind can be blowing,

Monday Musing – 5-24-20212021-05-26T14:34:40-06:00

Monday Musing – 5-17-2021

Monday Musings for 5.17.21 Dear Friends, I miss Simply Worship.  The last time we met was March 15, 2020.  Helen led the

Monday Musing – 5-17-20212021-05-18T10:00:30-06:00

Monday Musing – 5-10-2021

Monday Musings for 5.10.21 Dear Friends, I first became aware of Kirbyjon Caldwell in the 1990's.  Our church bought a set of

Monday Musing – 5-10-20212021-05-11T12:48:00-06:00

Monday Musing – 5-3-2021

Monday Musings for 5.3.21   Dear Friends, "Of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, only one . . . "   I pressed my

Monday Musing – 5-3-20212021-05-03T09:29:13-06:00

Monday Musing – 4-26-2021

Monday Musings for 4.26.21 Dear Friends, The story goes that Phil Jackson, head coach of the Chicago Bulls, once said to his

Monday Musing – 4-26-20212021-05-03T09:14:58-06:00

Monday Musing – 4-19-2021

Monday Musings for 4.19.21   Dear Friends, Where is God? That is the question that won't go away.  We walk outside on

Monday Musing – 4-19-20212021-04-19T12:24:50-06:00
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