Monday Musing – 3/30/2020

Monday Musings for 3.30.20   Dear Friends, Last week I shared some of my favorite coronavirus humor.  I suggested that you send

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Monday Musing – 3/23/2020

Monday Musings for 3.23.20   Dear Friends, Do you have plans for tonight?  Jerry and Darlene Cornilles have extended a dinner invitation. 

Monday Musing – 3/23/20202020-03-30T11:04:08-06:00

Monday Musing – 3/16/2020

Monday Musings for 3.16.20   Dear Friends, Not many in church yesterday.  And next week will be worse.  Worship is canceled at Nampa

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Monday Musing – 3/9/2020

Monday Musings for 3.9.20   Dear Friends, I was looking at an old sermon.  February 8, 1998.  I read the first page. 

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Monday Musing – 3/2/2020

Monday Musings for 3.2.20   Dear Friends, If you turn off the news and talk to your neighbors, you’ll find that our

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Monday Musing – 2/24/2020

Monday Musings for 2.24.20   Dear Friends, When Helen and I were house shopping in Nampa (it was ten years ago!), we

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Monday Musing – 2/18/2020

Monday Musings on a Tuesday 2.18.20   Dear Friends, I hope you enjoyed your holiday yesterday.  I did.  But you know what? 

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Monday Musing – 2/10/2020

Monday Musings for 2.10.20   Dear Friends, A full moon last night.  And a clear sky.  A perfect night for a run.

Monday Musing – 2/10/20202020-02-11T13:58:02-07:00

Monday Musing – 2/3/2020

Monday Musings for 2.3.20 Dear Friends, I visited a nursing home the other day.  The person I visited thought I was her

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Monday Musing – 1/27/2020

Monday Musing for 1.27.20   Dear Friends, When I was in high school, I was part of something special.  Our cross country

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