Monday Musing – 5-3-2021

Monday Musings for 5.3.21   Dear Friends, "Of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, only one . . . "   I pressed my

Monday Musing – 5-3-20212021-05-03T09:29:13-06:00

Monday Musing – 4-26-2021

Monday Musings for 4.26.21 Dear Friends, The story goes that Phil Jackson, head coach of the Chicago Bulls, once said to his

Monday Musing – 4-26-20212021-05-03T09:14:58-06:00

Monday Musing – 4-19-2021

Monday Musings for 4.19.21   Dear Friends, Where is God? That is the question that won't go away.  We walk outside on

Monday Musing – 4-19-20212021-04-19T12:24:50-06:00

Monday Musing – 4-12-2021

Monday Musing for 4.12.21   Dear Friends, A couple of weeks ago I sent you a humorous list of ten good things about the

Monday Musing – 4-12-20212021-04-15T11:27:39-06:00

Monday Musing – 4-5-2021

Monday Musings for 4.5.21   Dear Friends, I've been thinking a lot about Ken Winther.  Ken passed away on March 4 of

Monday Musing – 4-5-20212021-04-11T09:36:22-06:00

Monday Musing – 3-29-2021

Monday Musings for 3.29.21   Dear Friends, We don't handle snakes in this church.  The only exception was when the "Reptile Guy"

Monday Musing – 3-29-20212021-04-11T09:32:46-06:00

Monday Musing – 3-22-2021

Monday Musings for 3/22/21   Dear Friends, Today is the 30th birthday of our daughter, Heather.  Yesterday was the 3rd birthday of

Monday Musing – 3-22-20212021-04-11T09:28:24-06:00

Monday Musing – 3-15-2021

Monday Musings for 3.15.21   Dear Friends, Sharon Vasel sent me this delightful story. Someone was shopping in a big store and

Monday Musing – 3-15-20212021-03-15T11:49:04-06:00

Monday Musing – 3-8-2021

Monday Musings for 3.8.21   Dear Friends, A father was walking on the beach with his adult son. This son lived some distance

Monday Musing – 3-8-20212021-03-10T13:02:18-07:00

Monday Musing – 3-1-2021

Monday Musings for 3.1.21   Dear Friends, Here's what we've given up so far for Lent: 1) Complaining. 2) Comparisons. 3) Striving

Monday Musing – 3-1-20212021-03-01T10:25:24-07:00
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